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  In The News   
Lisa Maile Energizes Image
By Catherine Hinman - The Orlando Sentinel
All About Image
The energetic Maile is an In-demand seminar speaker.
By Jim Clark - Orlando Magazine
Employee Appearance CAN Impact Performance
Lisa Pens Article for Workforce Watch 8/18/06
By Lisa Maile
Looks that Say HIRE ME!
Orlando Sentinel Article 8/2/06
By Martine E. Comas
Interview Professional Dress
Orlando Sentinel Article 4/20/07 Page 1
By Jean Patteson
Interview Professional Dress
Orlando Sentinel Article 4/20/07 Page 2
By Jean Patteson
Changing from College to Corporate Dressing
By Ivanhoe
Ivanhoe News
Look Hip in Your 30s
Lisa Maile/Orlando Sentinel
Self Confidence for Teens
By Rosalind Jennings, Special to the Orlando Sentinel
Observer Article 1/29/09
Lisa Maile teams with Central Florida Paralegal Assoc.
By Jenny Andreasson
What is branding
By Eric White
Erix Design Samples
Design Samples
By Eric White