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Clients Comment on Lisa Maile's Seminars... since 1982

"We rate speakers on a scale of 1 - 10. You're an 11! We review presenters on a regular basis, about 2 a week. Lisa Maile is the 47th presenter previewed this year. Based on our evaluation Lisa is the best speaker we've seen this year. YOU ARE REALLY GOOD!"
Franklin Candy, Executive Director, American Speakers Bureau

"If you're serious about the trajectory of your career, you need to check out Lisa Maile. I went to her bootcamp yesterday and this lady is the bomb! (Let's just put it this way, she's not about modeling any more!)"
David Porter, former Orlando Sentinel columnist, current Walt Disney World Executive

"Thank you so much for the excellent talk on 'Presenting the Best Possible You' at the IMC's National Conference. I've been to several image workshops over the years, but yours was the most practical, concrete seminar I've attended and it was the shortest! For so long I was looking for the 'rules", and you managed to pack a whole day's worth in!"
Nancy Calkins, CM, Conference Vice Chair, YMCA, Augusta, GA

"I learned the true value of my first impression & how every second counts with customers. I wish Lisa had been given even MORE time with us, her suggestions were so powerful & effective."
Valencia Community College Professional Development Day evaluation

"Now that the dust has settled -- but the compliments on your session haven't -- I wanted to thank you for helping make our Tupperware University at our Jubilee a success. We've heard nothing but positive comments about your presentations. This is a great tribute to you, because many times 'outside' speakers are not as enthusiastically received. We'll let you know of other opportunities. Thanks for sharing your expertise with our salesforce."
Lori Abe, Manager, Sales Training, Tupperware

"Thank you for your outstanding presentation. I know ALL your success can be attributed to you living exactly what you present: true professionalism and customer service beyond description, making everyone you encounter feel amazingly special."
Dr. Val King, UCF Office of Diversity Initiatives

"Thank you for your very interesting presentation at our conference in Daytona. According to the evaluation forms, your session received the highest overall marks from our members."
Ed Smith, Marion County Public Affairs, FL Gov't Communicators Assoc. Ocala, FL

"I am inspired tremendously by you, your customer service, and how you engage with your audience. What a rapport you establish, from start to finish! Your humor and humility are charming attributes and I know you will help me reach my fullest potential, professionally and personally."
Kelly Sebastian, Director of Development, Sweetwater Episcopal Academy

"Your reputation is well deserved. Please add Head Golf to your ever-growing list of satisfied clients."
Mike Hickey, Regional Sales Manager, Head Golf, Ft. Worth, TX

"... your subject matter was 'right on' and your delivery exceptional. I was certainly impressed with what I heard... arrangements will be made to have all of our sales and marketing people sit in next time."
Arthur Zimand, President, Vistana Resort, Lake Buena Vista, FL

"You definitely create excitement. This is the first time I've seen my managers so attentive and enthusiastic about how they present themselves. I already see a difference in how they look and carry themselves."
Joe Hearn, McDonald's, Winter Park, FL

"... you had people laughing, and literally sitting on the edge of their seats. It was an obvious success as you could tell by the masses surrounding you at the end of the workshop."
Judy Gordon, Program Specialist, Orange County Public Schools, Orlando

"Dynamic... professional... energetic... are just some of the words to describe your 'Dressing for Success' seminars! ... your presentations are one of the best attended Chamber Council programs..."
Sandra Bordonaro, Director of Events, Greater Orlando C of C, FL

"The response to your training has been overwhelming! Two of our staff members returned to work Tuesday with new hair styles, reflecting your guidelines. I look forward to working with you again."
Mary Massey, Executive Director, Pathways Private School, Orlando

"Our Quality Exchange was very successful. I received positive feedback from those in attendance regarding your message in particular. It's always a pleasure working with you & I hope to again."
Allison Marcous, Quality Management, City of Altamonte Springs, FL

"The unanimous opinion of attendees for the seminar you presented on February 10 is that you were great... There was something for everyone."
Ray Valdes, Seminole County Tax Collector, Sanford, FL

"Your seminar was a hit. There's been a noticeable improvement already, and I want to say thanks again. I'll do it again this year and if I know of anyone who's in need of your services, I won't hesitate to recommend you."
Dale Lindon, General Manager, Holiday Inn, I-Drive, Orlando

"Your program was a wonderful success. We've had so many participants personally call to let us know how much they enjoyed & learned from your program... many requested we bring you back for an encore!"
Linda Remensnyder, Director, Women's Health, Winter Park Hospital, FL.

"Thank you for this morning's presentation on image & body language. I've already had a number of calls from attendees saying how much they enjoyed the talk!"
Nancy Thigpen Moore, Marketing Director, Pan American Bank of Orlando

"What a special lady you are! We heard nothing but rave reviews about you & your presentation. A few people were worried you would only talk about $500 silk suits, and they were pleased when you gave hints and ideas about affordable clothing..."
Lucille Johnson, Admin. Manager, Watson Realty Corp, Jacksonville, FL

"You are captivating! In my 9 years of sales management, I have never seen salespeople so enthralled with a speaker and rightly so. Your presentation was excellent and produced immediate results."
Sharon DeLuca, Local Sales Manager, Meredith Broadcast Group, Orlando

"... your presentation, 'Impression Management' was certainly well received. In fact, my secretary had lunch with the wife of one of our division managers. When asked how she enjoyed the conference, she responded by saying, 'I loved Lisa Maile's presentation.' I think that one response says it all."
Janice Case, Director Customer Services, Florida Power, St. Pete., FL

"Thank you for an outstanding presentation which made quite an impression on our staff. I see a remarkable improvement not only in dress, but also the attitudes of our staff... I highly recommend your Seminars."
Lisa Sansone, Director Of Membership, Winter Park Chamber of Commerce, FL

"Thank you for your presentation, ' How Do You Look to the Public?' I thought it was excellent and contained invaluable advice. I do not see how you presented so much in such a short period of time."
Darryl Bloodworth, The Florida Council of Bar Association Presidents

Clients Comment on Lisa Maile's Private Coaching

"Lisa Maile's reputation definitely precedes her excellent coaching skills. In the short period we worked together, she transformed my interviewing ability completely! My elevated confidence came from learning a wide range of her "musts": from wardrobe tweaks & colors, to resume/experience showcasing (how best to humbly but assertively illustrate my strongest assets). The result was a success, as I'm currently employed at The White House, having landed my 'Dream Job'. I'll carry the interviewing skills I've developed from her coaching into every workplace situation throughout my life!"
Campbell Barks, Associate Director of The White House Gift Office,
Washington, D.C.

"Lisa Maile helped my husband and me clean out our closets and assemble new wardrobes a few years ago. We had such a wonderful time during this process because she was fun to be with and had such a kind way of saying our long-loved clothing need to go! Since having Lisa's help, we find it much easier to dress, have the correct accessories on hand, and know what to look for when we shop for clothing. We waste less money on wrong choices now. The best part of the experience was that friends noticed and began to comment on our appearance. Some even copied our new look! I can recommend Lisa to anyone ready for an image make-over. She made it exciting and non-threatening to try a new look."
Nancy and Rick Bosserman, First Realty Advisors, Inc., Orlando, Florida

"Thank you for all your help! You have NO IDEA how many kind letters I received about my look, & I thank YOU for that!"
Pamela Brady, Meteorologist, WKMG, Channel 6, Orlando

"I cannot express in words how grateful I am for all your help"I feel so lucky to have worked with such an effective coach! You set the standard for energy, motivation, professionalism and 'how to sell yourself with public speaking'. And if that doesn't set you apart enough, you make other people feel so good about themselves, it brings out the positive qualities they possess."
Nick Brand, D.D.S., F.A.G.D., Longwood, FL

"Lisa Maile has helped propel my public speaking with tips, tactics, motivation and inspiration. She's a savvy businesswoman with keen insights. She taught me how to use a smile to light up a room and warm up an audience."
Christopher S. Cain, Vacation Property Expert & Speaker, Oviedo, FL
Author, Maximize your Resort Property Investment/Road Map to your Vacation Property Dream

"Meeting Lisa Maile was a wonderful stroke of luck! She was giving a lecture for MBA students at UCF, but it was open to all. I had agreed to run for an elected state office for my faculty union. A sudden reality check made me ask 'What have I gotten into?' Hearing her UCF presentation on professionalism and image, I realized that her ideas would be of great benefit. Knowing the value of a good teacher, I recognized Lisa's expertise and effectiveness. Our first meeting ended with growing appreciation for her insight. She articulated goals for me I'd never considered. Subsequent coaching sessions varied but always were on target, purposeful, and effective. In 27 years as a professor I've taken on many challenges. Support from and coaching by Lisa provided a strong foundation to my campaign, which was successful. She truly changed my life, both short term -- and forever."
Rosie Webb Joels, Ph.D., Professor, Reading Methods, UCF, Orlando, FL
Former President, United Faculty of Florida (First woman elected to a full term)

"The lessons I learned from you are invaluable! When I look at where I am, it isn't possible without YOU! Since November, I've been business manager for Borghese at Lenox Mall. My Senior Sales Manager interviewed me for another job and said a management position was open, but it was unprecedented someone with no cosmetic experience would be selected. I conveyed my love for challenging work and sincere desire for the job, using all the image and communication skills you taught me. I TOOK THAT POSITION!! Since then, I have tripled sales. When others comment on my professionalism, business savvy, and communication talents, I think 'You wouldn't have recognized me 6 months ago!' Thank you for helping me see the resources inside me! I now realize why YOU DO what you do, as I LOVE MY JOB helping people look and feel exactly the way they want. Thank you!!"
Samantha Shelby, Borghese, Atlanta

"Lisa, if anyone ever set the 'Gold Standard' in central Florida for the unique combination of professionalism, poise, beauty and character, it would be YOU! I can't thank you enough for all the insight you've given me on techniques to polish an image. Any business or individual fortunate enough to grab even a few minutes of your valuable time will see immediate benefits and productive payoffs!"
Marla Weech, News Anchor, Orlando