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Private Consultation with Lisa Maile

Do you look your best and project Presence/ Success?
Sell yourself with strong interview & communication skills?
Create a warm, unforgettable First Impression?

Are you always shopping but have nothing to wear?
Overwhelmed at stores, with no idea of what's best for you?
Nervous meeting others, in interviews or public speaking?
Feel a lack of confidence is holding you back?

Whether you're a working professional, stay-at-home mom, college student transitioning into business, or someone who isn't thrilled looking in your mirror, Lisa will help you look your best and develop skills to help you reach your potential! If your goal is a fresh new look, finding the job (or person!) of your dreams, strong communication skills for public speaking, interviewing or social situations, or building confidence, Lisa wants to work with you!

Be a STAR in your own closet!

Want to develop eye-catching style for work or play that empowers you every morning? Lisa's personalized videos feature YOU in YOUR CLOSET with your customized wardrobe formula for success, showcasing your clothes and exciting, new ways to coordinate them (along with "what not to wear")! You'll learn how to dress taller & thinner, create abundant options, avoid costly image mistakes, have more, spend less, LOVE your look AND your wardrobe... and you'll have an amazing reference tool for future shopping that will boost your confidence to new heights and make you feel like a STYLE STAR!


WANT A GIFT for a Special Lady? Lisa offers Star In Your Own Closet personalized videos as a unique gift idea, guaranteed to help the recipient shine and be a style star! Email for a downloadable Gift Certificate: Lisa@LisaMaileSeminars.com


Private Coaching with Lisa features one-on-one sessions in person or by phone, custom-tailored to meet your needs and help you achieve your professional and personal goals.

Whether you're interested in:

-- Packaging your most impressive corporate, business casual or fashion look
-- Developing top-notch public speaking or interviewing skills
-- Creating the Body you LOVE with Simple Models' Secrets
-- Preparing a winning pageant performance (Lisa's worked with countless contest winners, including two Miss Americas), or
-- Gaining success in the modeling/acting/entertainment industry,
Lisa looks forward to working with you.

With the complete preparation you'll achieve with Lisa, every goal is attainable! She's been motivating clients for over 25 years.

Click on the "Free Interview Tips & Phone Coaching Special" link to learn how private consultation with Lisa can benefit you AND Dress for Success, suiting disadvantaged ladies transitioning to the workforce.

Sample topics include:
-- Wardrobe & Closet Analysis
-- Personal Shopping
-- Models' Secrets for Healthy Living & Your Best Body
-- Dynamic Public Speaking
-- Power Interviewing Skills
-- Selling Yourself Professionally & Personally
-- Winning Body Language
-- Look Like a Million (on a budget)
-- Dressing to Appear Taller & Thinner
-- Power Packaging
-- Develop a Career & Personal Game Plan
-- Modeling or TV Acting Industry Tips

Clients Comment on Lisa's Private Coaching:

"Lisa Maile's reputation definitely precedes her excellent coaching skills. In the short period we worked together, she transformed my interviewing ability completely! My elevated confidence came from learning a wide range of her 'musts': from wardrobe tweaks & colors, to resume/experience showcasing (how best to humbly but assertively illustrate my strongest assets). The result was a success, as I'm currently employed at The White House, having landed my 'Dream Job'. I'll carry the interviewing skills I've developed from her coaching into every workplace situation throughout my life!"
Campbell Barks, Associate Director of The White House Gift office, Washington, D.C.

"Lisa Maile helped my husband and me clean out our closets and assemble new wardrobes a few years ago. We had such a wonderful time during this process because she was fun to be with and had such a kind way of saying our long-loved clothing need to go! Since having Lisa's help, we find it much easier to dress, have the correct accessories on hand, and know what to look for when we shop for clothing. We waste less money on wrong choices now. The best part of the experience was that friends noticed and began to comment on our appearance. Some even copied our new look! I can recommend Lisa to anyone ready for an image make-over. She made it exciting and non-threatening to try a new look."
Nancy and Rick Bosserman, First Realty Advisors, Inc., Orlando, Florida

"Thank you for all your help! You have No IDEA how many kind letters I received about my look, & I thank YOU for that!"
Pamela Brady, Meteorologist, WKMG, Channel 6, Orlando, FL

"I cannot express in words how grateful I am for all your help. I feel so lucky to have worked with such an effective coach! You set the standard for energy, motivation, professionalism and 'how to sell yourself with public speaking'. And if that doesn't set you apart enough, you make other people feel so good about themselves, it brings out the positive qualities they possess".
Nick Brand, D.D.S., F.A.G.D., Longwood, FL

"Lisa Maile has helped propel my public speaking with tips, tactics, motivation and inspiration. She's a savvy businesswoman with keen insights. She taught me how to use a smile to light up a room and warm up an audience."
Christopher S. Cain, Vacation Property Expert & Speaker, Oviedo, FL
Author, "Maximize your Resort Property Investment/Road Map to your Vacation Property Dream"

"Meeting Lisa Maile was a wonderful stroke of luck! She was giving a lecture for MBA students at UCF, but it was open to all. I had agreed to run for an elected state office for my faculty union. A sudden reality check made me ask 'What have I gotten into?' Hearing her UCF presentation on professionalism and image, I realized that her ideas would be of great benefit. Knowing the value of a good teacher, I recognized Lisa's expertise and effectiveness. Our first meeting ended with growing appreciation for her insight. She articulated goals for me I'd never considered. Subsequent coaching sessions varied but always were on target, purposeful, and effective. In 27 years as a professor I've taken on many challenges. Support from and coaching by Lisa provided a strong foundation to my campaign, which was successful. She truly changed my life, both short term -- and forever."
Rosie Webb Joels, Ph.D., Professor, Reading Methods, UCF, Orlando, FL
Former President, United Faculty of Florida (First woman elected to a full term)

"The lessons I learned from you are invaluable! When I look at where I am, it isn't possible without you! Since November, I've been business manager for Borghese at Lenox Mall. My Senior Sales Manager interviewed me for another job and said a management position was open, but it was unprecedented someone with no cosmetic experience would be selected. I conveyed my love for challenging work and sincere desire for the job, using all the image and communication skills you taught me. I TOOK THAT POSITION!! Since then, I have tripled sales. When others comment on my professionalism, business savvy, and communication talents, I think 'You wouldn't have recognized me 6 months ago!' Thank you for helping me see the resources inside me! I now realize why YOU DO what you do, as I LOVE MY JOB helping people look and feel exactly the way they want. Thank you!!"
Samantha Shelby, Borghese, Atlanta

"Lisa, if anyone ever set the 'Gold Standard' in Central Florida for the unique combination of professionalism, poise, beauty and character, it would be YOU! I can't thank you enough for all the insight you've given me on techniques to polish an image. Any business or individual fortunate enough to grab even a few minutes of your valuable time will see immediate benefits and productive payoffs!"
Marla Weech, News Anchor, Orlando, FL

Have questions for Lisa? Send confidential inquiries to: LisaMaile@aol.com