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Successful, motivated employees = A successful business.

What impression do your employees leave?
Are they communicating your best message?
Do they offer outstanding customer service?
Do they appear powerful, professional and friendly?
Are they making every customer a repeat customer?
Are they allowing your company to operate at Maximum Success Potential?

"My goal for you:
Stronger, more productive employees & Increased Profits."

Your employees communicate information about your company every minute of every work day. Do they create your strongest First Impression? Their appearance, along with the way they present themselves, is as important a message as the words they speak. How do you want your company to be represented?

Lisa Maile will listen to you, whatever your needs, and tailor a high-impact, exciting, content-rich presentation that will motivate your employees to: look their best, communicate with confidence, or close a sale with winning body language techniques. Customized programs sprinkled with light humor and delivered with unbounded energy earn Lisa a top reputation in the business.

Check out Orlando Sentinel Columnist Greg Dawson's column on Lisa's "Dress your Professional Best for Le$$" Workshop at
Seminole State College by right clicking HERE

Photo: George Skene, Orlando Sentinel

Corporate clients frequently elect to retain Lisa for Private Consultations with employees to critique image strengths and weaknesses, addressing total image along with areas not appropriate in a group setting.

Lisa presents POWER IMAGE from a budgetary viewpoint, instructing how to look like a million on a shoestring. Attendees learn specifics of power packaging to project presence, credibility, and professionalism, highlighting image strengths and downplaying weaknesses, whether the objective is the most conservative professional image or successful busines casual. Employees delight in watching Lisa demonstrate corporate wardrobe do's and don'ts in her full coed or same sex seminars, as she works through an entire rolling rack of businesswear, detailing every aspect of image: effective attire, make-up, hair, body shape, teeth, nails, and the most powerful image factor, body language.

Of course, the way we present ourselves is equally as important a message, if not more so. Unconsciously, we all broadcast our true feelings through our body language, and in business, a presentation style displaying professionalism, authority and approachability delivers a commanding competitive edge. Lisa will outline in complete detail the specifics needed to develop a winning presentation style for all your employees, communicating that your company is a leader your field.

When attendees are shown the specific rules of professional image, the difference between a fashionable and business appearance, the bottom-line advantage and simplicity of developing a consistent, winning-workplace look (not predicated on the seasonal whims of fashion), and the ultimate personal confidence gained through presenting your most-effective image, in the strongest, yet most relatable way, you'll see amazing changes. Image Consultant Lisa Maile's contagious enthusiasm inspires immediate results!

"Your image workshop was the most practical, concrete seminar I've attended and it was the shortest! For so long I was looking for the rules, and you managed to pack a whole day's worth in!" Nancy Calkins, Conference Vice Chair, YMCA, Augusta, GA

WINNING CUSTOMER SERVICE. As a consummate Public Relations professional, Lisa Maile began her career representing the Florida Dept of Citrus during the height of the Anita Bryant controversy, and as a former Disney Institute instructor, this performance coach has perfected the art of magical customer service for industries across the nation. Whether it's your employees' perception of appearing less-than-friendly to potential customers or sales associates who don't recognize the critical significance of continually exceeding clients' expectations, the strategies and specifics presented in this program will benefit any company, any professional, and the all-important bottom line. Purpose: This program develops a top customer service team, members who understand client service is the lifeblood of your company, creating repeat customers who will spread positive press about your business, bringing you additional clients. Lisa's basic program, tailored to your needs, includes:

The 10 Commandments of Winning Customer Service
1. Do Unto Others
2. Exceed the Expectation
3. S & P: Solve & Prevent
4. LISTEN to Learn
5. Assume Responsibility
6. Thou Shalt Kill Them with Kindness
7. Prepare POSITIVE Phraseology
8. Assist without Expectation
10. Thou Shalt Always Create Repeat Customers

"Your seminar was a hit. There's been a noticeable improvement already, and I want to say thanks again. I'll do it again this year and if I know of anyone who's in need of your services, I won't hesitate to recommend you." Dale Lindon, Holiday Inn

In Lisa's CONFIDENT COMMUNICATIONS training, she employs videotaping to help attendees address any group utilizing the same techniques we all feel comfortable with in daily one-on-one conversation. An energetic, animated presenter herself, Lisa's coaching develops successful body language and verbal techniques, resulting in exciting, highly-effective, memorable employee performances. When attendees learn the least-important part of public speaking is the words they choose, they immediately begin to enjoy the opportunity for a true connection with their audience by presenting themselves with a natural, enthusiastic, positive and convincing approach.

"I cannot express in words how grateful I am. You set the standard for energy, motivation, professionalism, and how to sell yourself with public speaking. And if that doesn't set you apart enough, you make others feel so good about themselves, it brings out their positive qualities." Nick Brand, D.D.S., F.A.G.D., Longwood, FL

SUCCESSFUL BODY LANGUAGE is the most powerful component of image. In Lisa's Kinesics training, participants learn to develop the ability to communicate reassuring messages of professionalism, credibility and approachability, along with the advantage of understanding the hidden meanings in their client's movements. Research indicates we all broadcast our true feelings through body language, with most people totally unaware of the underlying messages. Learning to control how we send and receive these signals grants sales/marketing professionals an immediate benefit in any transaction. Videotaping may be employed for customized objectives.

"You definitely create excitement. This is the first time I've ever seen my managers so attentive and enthusiastic about how they present themselves. I already see a difference in how they look and carry themselves." Joe Hearn, McDonald's, Winter Park, FL

Customized Seminars are designed to meet your specific objectives and time availability, ranging in length from 1 hour Keynote to a full day of training. Seminar attendees receive handouts detailing topics presented. You can request Lisa present with or without PowerPoint. Corporate clients may also choose to retain Lisa for Private Consultations with employees immediately following her presentation.

Program Topics Include:
BUSINESS CASUAL: Dress to Impress
PRESENTING THE BEST POSSIBLE YOU: Creating Winning First Impressions
SUCCESSFUL BODY LANGUAGE: Control Your Most Powerful Message

For Image Training one day or longer, Lisa can incorporate presentations by a nutritionist, make-up artist, and/or hair stylist. Clients may also request a professional image fashion show for employees.

Lisa will customize a dynamic, entertaining spouse
program to fit your needs and create excitement!


Image Consultant, Motivational Speaker & Success Coach, Lisa Maile creates excitement with Image, Wardrobe, Shopping and Fashion! This former pageant winner, actress, model and fashion coordinator served as inaugural instructor of Fashion & Image at the Disney Institute and has been featured nationally on the "Smart Woman" TV series and as a judge on Ed McMahon's hit show "Star Search." She founded Lisa Maile Image, Modeling & Acting, unanimously lauded for outstanding personal development training for ingenues to executives to entertainers, including 2 Miss Americas and countless actors & models seen daily in films, TV and Fashion.

Programs Available:

PRESENTING THE BEST POSSIBLE YOU -- 1 Hour: an exciting overview to look your best in wardrobe, make-up, hair, body shape, teeth, nails & body language, the most powerful way we speak!

DRESSING YOUR BEST: Develop a Wardrobe Plan -- 2-4 Hours: Lisa brings "the Store" to your audience with inspiring secrets of how to look incredible, spend less, appear taller & thinner, and NEVER again say "I have NOTHING to wear!" Ladies love learning to get maximum return on minimum dollars!!

DRESSING YOUR BEST & Private Coaching for attendees: The above 4 Hours teamed with up to 4-hours individual consults with Lisa following a seminar. Participants may prefer to consult in group setting(s).

DRESSING YOUR BEST & "SHOP" YOUR BEST: The above seminar combined with a 1/2 day shopping excursion, where Lisa consults with guests for their best possible purchases.

PRESENTING THE BEST POSSIBLE YOU Special Day-Long Seminar - 7-8 Hours: The above Dressing Your Best 1/2 Day teamed with 4 hours of Lisa's private consults, while ladies attend exciting programs on make-up and nutrition, learning the latest with experts in the field.

YOUR BODY BEAUTIFUL -- 1 - 3 Hours: All happiness in life depends on the care of the one tool we receive at birth. Lisa presents simple, effective "model" secrets, easily incorporated into busy lifestyles, to obtain your ideal shape and optimum health... while adding that all-important boost of confidence!

Rave Reviews!
"Your presentation was certainly well-received! In fact, my secretary had lunch with a division manager's wife. When asked how she enjoyed the conference, she responded by saying, 'I LOVED Lisa Maile's seminar.' That one response says it all." Janice Case, Director of Customer Services, Florida Power

"Your program was a wonderful success! So many participants called to let us know how much they enjoyed & learned from you...many requesting you back for an encore!!" Linda Remensnyder, Director of Women's Health, Winter Park Hospital

"YOU were SENSATIONAL! We're getting very positive comments...thanks for being wonderful." Chris Kirkham, VP of Human Resources, Scholastic Books

Also available: customized programs on Body Language, Public Speaking or Interviewing Skills with Audience Participation & Videotaping.

Lisa travels nationwide.