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Lisa Maile is dedicated to helping clients of all ages look their best, feel confident and project their strongest presence/brand.

Our appearance, along with how we present ourselves, makes an immediate statement with critical consequence. Whether your goal is packaging yourself or your employees to communicate your most powerful message and a professional competitive edge, meeting and exceeding Customer Service expectations, preparing for Media Interviews, Presentations and Appearances, enhancing Personal PR ...


you're always shopping but have nothing to wear and want a winning personal style on a budget, Lisa would love to help!

Lisa Maile offers corporate and private consulting in the areas of Leadership Branding, Image, Public Speaking, Non-Verbal Communication, Customer Service Training, Media Coaching, Personal PR, Power Interviewing Skills and Healthy Living, all customized to your specific requirements. Whether you need a dynamic, motivational program from one hour to a full day, or personal assistance with an upcoming interview, building a closet you love, health & wellness, or boosting your all-important self-confidence, Lisa will work for you to help you shine, as she has to rave reviews (a couple below, too!) from corporations and individuals for over 25 years.

"If you're serious about the trajectory of your career, you need to check out Lisa Maile. I worked with her yesterday, and this lady is the bomb!" David Porter, former Orlando Sentinel Columnist/Editor (now with Disney Cruise Lines)

Lisa has worked nationwide in the areas of professional image and communication skills, including interviewing, public speaking and body language.


If you're interested in your strongest appearance, please see the before & afters below and click on Makeovers! and Clients' Comments links to the left.


Here's a sampling of what job seekers say about Lisa's coaching:

"You are a Master in your field, and I cannot thank you enough for the impact your interview and image coaching have had on my life! I would not be where I am today without your involvement in my development"

Dr. Melinda Stevinson, Chief of Curriculum Development, US Air Force Academy,
Colorado Springs, CO

"You transformed my interviewing ability completely! The result was a success, as I'm currently employed at The White House, having landed my dream job!"

Campbell Barks, Washington, DC

"Your interviewing and on-camera audition coaching is unequaled, preparing professional execs, actors/models & pageant contestants to perform at their best. My two daughters (& many clients) will use the skills you taught them for a lifetime, having already achieved notable success in leadership roles from working with you."

Vicki Foley, Vicki Foley Talent & Modeling Agency, SAG/AFTRA

"Thank you for helping me find a career I enjoy every day. I should have used your services years ago-- imagine where I'd be now. You made my disability a strength for interviews & built my confidence."

C.K., Winter Park

"With everything I learned from you my confidence has skyrocketed!"

Gina Tuttle, VoiceOver artist, 4x Voice of the Oscars TV broadcast. LA & NY

"I followed your advice exactly. Today I attended an interview & was asked to come back even before the interview ended. More progress than I've had in months."

Jerry Sulsenti, Orlando

"The day I met you, my confidence and self-esteem went to the next level. Thanks for changing my life forever."

P.H., Orlando

"...the information you gave me I consider to be priceless."

Mary Rhoades, Chicago

"I'm starting this amazing position Friday! and it wouldn't have happened without your help. You do a super fantastic job and your sincere desire to help your clients succeed is unparalleled."

B.H., Orlando

"After several unsuccessful interviews, I used what I learned from you & your dvd. I was hired the same day of my interview. Then I moved to MA, and was hired on the same day of my 1st interview there. I work as a family therapist. God Bless you!"

Dorcas Ramirez, New Bedford, MA

"I recently graduated from UF and landed a job for Driscolls. I want to thank YOU for all the tips & wonderful advice. I nailed the interview because of everything I learned from you!"

K.C., Santa Maria, CA

Clients receive complete confidentiality, unless they prefer their name appear.


Although Lisa & her screenwriter husband, Art D'Alessandro, founded and operated Lisa Maile Image, Modeling & Acting successfully since 1982, they sold their school in 2004 and Lisa resigned all participation there a few years later. She has not been affiliated with her former school for over a decade and works independently as a consultant, coach, presenter and stylist through Lisa Maile Seminars & Coaching.

To contact Lisa with questions or to discuss your needs via email click HERE or call 407-647-2984.


Looking for a special gift for someone special?

Commercial Photography


Lisa has instructed Professional Image and Power Interviewing for flight attendants since 2006 and is proud to serve on the faculty of Flight Attendant JumpStart, offering monthly week-long training in Orlando for students from all over the world. For more information, CLICK HERE.


Our 2018 Orange Appeal Magazine Teacher Makeover Winner is JILL PIONTKOWSKI, a life science teacher and Science Department head at STEM-based charter school Orlando Science School. Jill is passionate about teaching her students thought-provoking subjects in a supportive environment. "My approach to teaching is to create an atmosphere where students feel safe to fail. What I mean by that is, in science (and life), many times we learn more from our failures than our successes, and I want my kids to be encouraged to try no matter the outcome,” she shares.

Jill found out about the makeover contest from her father, who heard a spot on 90.7 WMFE. “He just heard about the school supplies. Of course, he didn’t hear anything about the makeover,” she says. 90.7 WMFE donated a car-load of school supplies for Jill to bring to her students! Check out more about 90.7 WMFE's ContinuED School Supply Drive HERE.

Excited to update her look heading into to the new year of teaching, Jill explains: “I was more casual – I would wear funky T-shirts and suspenders with slacks. I wanted to upgrade my look because I’m the department head for science and I’m one of the two sixth grade team leads. So, since I’m in more of a leadership role, I wanted to convey that through my wardrobe.”

In addition to a $500 The Mall at Millenia gift certificate and the car full of school supplies, Jill won a day-long video closet analysis with Lisa Maile, a beauty makeover with stylist Ana Yebba creating a new hairstyle and Leslie Christin applying the perfect makeup, and a photography session with award-winning photographer Sharon Lundberg. After 3 days of pampering, Jill was thrilled: "I feel amazing! All over, head-to-toe amazing. I had the best time & learned so much. It was exciting to get such a great reaction from my fellow teachers, too." Check out her entire makeover story in the Sept/Oct 2018 issue of Orange Appeal Magazine.

Watch Jill's 3-day makeover video below!

Check out Jill's "Big Reveal" on Fox TV 35!

For previous Teacher Makeover winners and their Videos click HERE.

To view Orange Appeal Makeover features go to Orange Appeal Magazine, and click on "Issues" at the top of the page, then to the right for Sept/Oct 2012 issue for Makeover Winner Alisa Crisp, Sept/Oct 2013 for Winner Virginia Hamilton, Sept/Oct 2014 for Winner Angie Murphy-Osborne, Sept/Oct 2015 for Ellen Zollman, Sept/Oct 2016 for Shari Bowers, and Sept/Oct 2017 for Silvia Schenk.


Interested in a Makeover for Career Advancement?
View the Workplace Before & After TV segment for
job candidate Jolly Jensen on the "Media Clips" page.


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